Triple Reactors

EXCEL Leads In Decommissioning Licensing

EXCEL has supported the decommissioning licensing activities of several plants (Haddam Neck Plant, Yankee Nuclear Power Station, Maine Yankee, Connecticut Yankee, Millstone Unit No. 1, and Zion).  Recently, EXCEL was asked by Southern California Edison to assist in their decommissioning licensing activities for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), Units 2 and 3. Based on our previous performance developing the SONGS Improved Technical Specifications (prior to the decision to shut down the plant), EXCEL was requested to revise the Technical Specifications to only include those specifications needed for a defueled plant. Due to EXCEL’s excellent schedule and budget adherence and the quality of the developed product, EXCEL was invited back to support the review of additional documents. The initial completed tasks are an integration review of the plant Decommissioning Cost Estimate, the Irradiated Fuel Management Plan, and the Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report. EXCEL’s knowledge and experience in decommissioning licensing makes us the obvious chose for utilities planning for plant decommissioning.

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